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Next Meeting: Thursday, October 11, 2001


September 22, 2001

Pearson Modeleers Attend Ohms show


Many Pearson Modeleers attended the recent OHMS show at The Evergreen Museum. Wow, what a time. You can't believe The Goose Until you see it. It is awesome. Every time you walked by, under, around or just near you had to look up in awe. It was truly incredible.
What a place to have a show. The entire museum was available to the modelers and vendors plus, the hospitality of the folks at the museum was over and above the call of duty.
Pearson vendors that set up at the show were Bob Stamp and his brother, oops I mean his father. Pend Oreille Models in the person of Lionel Larmanger showed it's flag well. Pete Forest of the Small Show offered an excellent look see of his wares as well as demonstrating the advantage of having a machine that makes assembling photo etched parts one heck of a lot easier.

Excellent contacts were made at the show that will come in hand in the future. All of the Modeleers were welcomed and thanked for coming and supporting the show by our OHMS and Salem hosts. As you are aware we did sponsor a trophy. A club table was provided for our use. Many members of OHMS are looking forward to a closer working relationship that will benefit all of us. More on that at the next meeting.

One personal note and I hope not to make you all jealous but...I was invited by a close friend that works at the museum to join a tour of The Spruce Goose. The folks I was with actually were present when the Goose Flew in 1947. It was really interesting to hear their comments and try to visualize them as they looked fifty three years ago. We were offered full access to the aircraft from flight deck to wings. It is truly a cavernous machine. I will share some of the pictures I took. I ran out of room on my disks so I do not have a picture of yours truly sitting in the left seat. Suffice it to say it was really a thrill.

Sorry I couldn't get all the pictures, rest assured, hardware was taken home. And now some photos, enjoy...

Scramble - Scramble - Scramble:An Airfield somewhere in England sometime in September 1940

Han's Beautiful Chopper

Larry's 105mm Boomer

Kit by POMK - Skill by Hans

Another Fine modeling job by Hans.

Beauty and The Beast! AKA, No I can't write it as this is a family club. Nice Job Lionel!

The Pearson Modeleers did very well at the show. I do not have all the classes entered or all of the winners. I will devote a page once I have all the information.

Also, I am sorry I don't have pictures of all the models entered, I ran out of disc space. Thought I had more empty discs than I did.

See You on Thursday, October 11, 2001.

Larry Gaye

Pend'Oreille Display Models